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Baked Macaroni Office Meal


Our Baked Macaroni is your perfect comfort food during a rainy day or in moments when you need to get your mojo back! Get lost in freshly-baked macaroni cooked in a beefy tomato-based sauce! Feel good again and savor every mouthful with its generous layer of creamy white sauce on top!


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Are you looking for mouthwatering and flavorful Baked Macaroni that you can enjoy wherever you are? We have it ready for you! Our Baked Macaroni is the perfect comfort food you can order whenever you need an emotional boost! This can also be the perfect dish for special occasions and family gatherings, whether at home or in the office! You can never go wrong ordering delicious, freshly-baked macaroni in tomato sauce made more flavorful with its juicy ground beef. Enjoy it more with its generous top layer of creamy white sauce!

Be happy and ready to satisfy your cravings or entertain guests in everyday dining experiences in delicious food such as our Baked Macaroni! Make every moment count by ordering Takam’s Hot Meals without stress and lengthy preparations. Sometimes, our busy schedules get in the way of our desire to bond with our favorite people! No need to worry! Takam is always here to provide delicious, quality, and affordable food, giving you the freedom to manage and enjoy your life more!


Ingredients: Macaroni, beef, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, evaporated milk, cream, butter, garlic, onions and seasonings
Allergens: Dairy, Wheat
Serving Size: 100g
Calories: 280
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